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JAMES for call centres

New opportunities for you and your mobile customers

JAMES enables you to offer younger and more agile senior citizens security in their daily routines at all times. The JAMES Emergency Call Supply connects your customers with your call centre service, whether at home or on the move. Are you interested? Send us an enquiry.

Fact check

  • 91% want to live at home for as long as possible
  • Modern emergency call devices in the form of smartwatches are more widely accepted than conventional radio fingers.
  • The average age of call centre customers is usually over 75 years
  • More than 50% of people over 65 live alone

New business models

Many professional call centres already offer a wide range of services. With JAMES the following new areas can be covered:

Mobile emergency call

The stationary home emergency call is unsuitable for many - especially active - senior citizens. On the one hand, the majority of older people are still agile and therefore often out and about. Secondly, existing end devices have a restrictive and stigmatising effect. With the elegant JAMES emergency watches, your organisation can attract new customer groups and expand existing services.


With JAMES new TeleCare services are opening up.
This can be a regular video call on the JAMES Tablet This can be done at the customer's home or by monitoring important vital signs that are recorded at home. In addition, medication intake can be partially transferred to the person concerned (e.g. reminders on the tablet or with video support, therapeutic games on the tablet, etc.).

JAMES web portals

For the Professional use of the JAMES platform the web portal provides extensive options for your organisation. The admin portal is the central tool here and contains users, roles, authorisations and device management. The connection of third-party systems such as call centre solutions or external databases is also managed here.

Admin Portal

  • User administration
  • Organisation management
  • Role/rights management
  • Device & SIM management

Call centre portal

  • Alarm handling
  • Position queries
  • Video & voice communication
  • Alarm history

CareCentre Portal

  • Medical history, diagnosis
  • Live Vital measurement overview
  • Recognition of deviations
  • Intervention protocols
  • Absence management
  • Document storage

Community portal

  • Networking of assisted persons
  • Formation of interest groups
  • Calendar of events
  • Video & voice communication
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