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About ilogs healthcare

Our mission

Demographic change is a continuing challenge for our society. The current structure of society (in Europe) is characterised by declining birth rates and ageing groups of people. This upheaval requires innovative solutions to make life easier, but above all safer, for the increasingly ageing population. Much of the care and support already takes place at home and this is also the focus of JAMES.

With the focus on SECURITY, HEALTH and COMMUNITY offers JAMES individual life situations, different offers for senior citizens and their environment. Its products, perfectly tailored to seniors, support JAMES thousands of older people worldwide. The smart assistance system is divided into the increasingly important area of Active Assisted Living, short AAL, a. AAL systems can provide a better quality of life in old age with the help of innovative technologies and services.

Our competence

The IT expert offers high-quality software and services that focus on the digitalisation of care and support outside the hospital. As the market leader in the field of mobile social services, the ilogs healthcare also care facilities for the elderly and assisted living.

The idea for JAMES TeleCare began in 2019 with the mission of enabling older people to have more autonomy and safety in their everyday lives. ilogs healthcare has been conducting more research in the AAL field since 2012 and is in active exchange with renowned research institutions in this regard. Supported by the Austrian research association (FFG), new technologies and services were tested and brought to market within the framework of various national and international R&D projects.

Today is ilogs internationally and is increasingly establishing itself as a recognised e-health specialist in Europe. The company is owner-managed.

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