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Chic & simple. The JAMES emergency bracelet

Susanne with walking sticks in a field landscape

Fashion conscious & still protected

Susanne (70), like her boyfriend Peter, likes to spend a lot of time in nature and often goes walking. She knows the JAMES products already, but she always wears her mother's watch as a memento and has so far not wanted to exchange it for JAMES exchange.

"One watch on the left wrist and one on the right would look weird. Besides, smartwatches are too complicated for me."

As a fashion-conscious woman, Susanne is keen to maintain her style-conscious appearance. However, it is important to Peter that Susanne is well protected at all times - especially during her walking excursions in the forest.

The JAMES emergency call bracelet side view.

JAMES as a saviour in times of need

Fortunately, the smart JAMES Repertoire The bracelet can also be worn on the right hand without worry and is very easy to use. The bracelet turned out to be a valuable companion already in the first week:

The fashion-conscious athlete wanted to meet a friend for a walking tour in the forest, as she does every Friday morning. However, her companion cancelled at short notice and Susanne went alone. At a particularly rooted spot, however, she suddenly stumbled and sprained her ankle. As usual, she had left her mobile phone in the car.

Facing the future safely & fashionably

Here the JAMES emergency bracelet as a valuable guardian angel. A quick press of a button later, she was already on the phone with Peter, who immediately called for help. Susanne couldn't be happier about her new bracelet.

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