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Senior citizen with mild dementia

Great-grandmother (Maria) gets a kiss on the cheek from great-granddaughter (Sophie)

Protection & orientation in case of running tendency

Maria is 93 and very proud to still be living in her Viennese flat. Recently, however, the sprightly senior citizen developed signs of dementia and forgot about her old age. This already degenerated into a dangerous situation, as Maria went out alone and subsequently could not find her way back to her flat.

A desperate search for the senior citizen went on until late at night - in the end even by helicopter. Maria was finally found in the early hours of the morning, completely hypothermic and dehydrated.

Her worried grandson Gerhard wants to prevent horror scenarios like this by all means in the future. However, Gerhard works and therefore cannot take care of Maria sufficiently. Because of this, Maria has recently been getting support from the 24/7 caregiver Anna. But Anna also has to do the shopping now and then or take time for herself. Because of Maria's dementia and frailty, however, Anna is reluctant to leave her alone. What if she falls or becomes absent again?

The JAMES dementia watch supports mild dementia thanks to professional runaway protection.

So that the family is reassured and Anna can also enjoy her short trips without worrying, Gerhard gave his grandma the JAMES dementia clock. Gerhard's family is already being JAMES and has since enjoyed more safety and freedom. Maria's new emergency watch protects her with a reliable runaway protection incl. movement zone. When she leaves the zone, the watch triggers an automatic alarm and contacts both grandson Gerhard and caregiver Anna. Should Maria actually run away again, Gerhard and Anna can change their position in the zone. JAMES APP view at any time and consequently intervene.

However, the modern smartwatch not only protects Maria when she is out and about, but also in her own four walls. Should Maria get dizzy, fall or get into any other emergency situation, help is just a button press away. Double security: If Maria is no longer able to press the button, the watch also alerts automatically. Thanks to the integrated fall detection takes JAMES senses unusual periods of rest and sends out an automatic SOS to Maria's relatives and carers.

With JAMES Maria is protected all around and her relatives / carers are reassured. In addition, she likes the fashionable watch very much.

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