Configure your JAMES emergency call watch 

STATION - the smart tablet for seniors


Discover the senior-friendly JAMES Station with video telephony and the simplest operation.


The JAMES Station allows you to make a simple home emergency call with just one click on the display. The SOS connects you directly with your loved ones, authorised helpers and, if necessary, a 24/7 emergency call centre via voice or video telephony.

Video & Voice Calls

JAMES connects generations and opens up new and simple ways of communication. Thanks to simple video telephony, you can experience the faces and voices of your loved ones up close. This makes shared moments possible despite distance, immobility, corona, etc.

Besides personal contacts, you can additionally connect the tablet with professional carers, nurses or doctors. Daily enquiries about the physical / mental condition are particularly valuable.


In connection with intelligent Bluetooth devices such as personal scales, pulse/blood pressure devices, etc., the JAMES Tablet becomes a professional health coach. With the help of a clear vital history, you can always keep an eye on your health values.

The values are sent directly to the JAMES APP / web portal and can be viewed immediately by your relatives, carers and doctors. Thus, deviations can be reacted to quickly.


Forgetting was yesterday! The calendar function not only allows you to record upcoming events, but also to remember to take important medicines, including a photo and description. This prevents medicines from being accidentally taken twice or mixed up.

Games & Entertainment

Isolation and boredom? Not with JAMES! The JAMES tablet is not only a professional community and health coach, but also a talented entertainer. Whether it's fun games (e.g. Schnapsen), easy internet access (Google, YouTube etc.), radio and news, JAMES makes it possible. Enjoy your favourite games, newspapers and radio shows together with JAMES!
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