Configure your JAMES emergency call watch 


Experience the ideal mix of safety and fashionable charm with the JAMES emergency watch R8. Specially developed for the needs of older people, this elegant accessory combines a first-class wristwatch with a discreet emergency button. In addition, use the health functions on the generous, round display. With the JAMES emergency watch R8, you are not only relying on reliability, but also on style.


JAMES tariff including roaming SIM card
You need the JAMES tariff with
Europe-wide SIM card
Monthly or annually (2 months free)


  • Alarm with telephone connection
  • Positioning in an emergency
  • Simple operation
  • Alarm button + touch screen
  • Best connection with roaming SIM card

Health functions

  • Pedometer
  • Pulse
  • Blood pressure
  • Body temperature
  • Blood oxygen saturation

Included in the emergency call tariff

  • JAMES Helper App (iOS/Android)
  • Web portal
  • Premium Support
  • Cancellable monthly
  • 24/7 emergency call centre

Optional functions

  • 24/7 emergency call centre
  • Dementia protection
  • Telephony package

Advantages of the R8 at a glance


The JAMES emergency watch reinvents safety and freedom and stands out from other providers with its reliability and simplicity. The smart senior citizen watch secures your everyday life with a mobile home emergency call incl. voice connection. The SOS is sent to private contacts or the responsible organisation / call centre. Simply press the emergency button and receive help immediately.

Easy operation

The JAMES watches are designed for ease of use and look beautiful too. Not everyone needs to know that James also has an emergency call function. The alarm or control button on the side and the touch screen can be operated intuitively.

Health values

The emergency watch watches over your vital signs as a health expert. It measures your pulse and blood pressure with the help of smart sensors. The integrated pedometer promotes exercise and determines your daily progress.


With the digital guardian angel, you enjoy security and round-the-clock availability. Whether at home or on the move. With the help of precise GPS localisation, people in distress can be found quickly.

The emergency call watch not only creates increased safety for you, but also for your loved ones


The smart senior citizen's watch has a SIM card and is therefore always ready for use, wherever you are. With JAMES on your wrist, you are always available for your loved ones.

Top service

Carefully developed in collaboration with renowned universities and health experts. The result: a life-saving product with the simplest operation, innovative technology and thousands of satisfied customers throughout Europe. The JAMES team is there for you!


At home

JAMES is the perfect butler and provides quick help in case of household accidents.

... or on the road

You are always well protected with JAMES at home, but also on the road.

During walks

Safety even during longer walks or excursions. Incl. pedometer.

For Leisure & Sport

Enjoy leisure activities without worry. E.g. quick help in case of falls and other accidents.

On holiday

The roaming SIM card works all over Europe.          


You live alone

You can live longer, but above all safer, at home with JAMES. Help is just a push of a button away.

You have pre-existing conditions

JAMES enables people with pre-existing conditions to live safely and independently.

For orientation problems

The watch protects against neurological problems or mild dementia. Precise location can help quickly in case of disorientation.

Always available

Even when the phone is not at hand, you can always be reached by your loved ones on your wrist. 

JAMES works so simply!


Protect your loved ones and order today! Our emergency watches can be perfectly adapted to all your needs and life situations.

Switch on

After you have received your JAMES product, it is immediately ready for use. You can make settings easily and conveniently in the free APP or in the web portal.


Easy operation with powerful effect: Thanks to the unique software, you and your loved ones are safe around the clock.

More security with the JAMES SIM card

JAMES uses a special SIM card that always uses the best available mobile network. Where other watches no longer have a connection (dead spots), JAMES still works! In addition, the JAMES tariff includes the entire JAMES service (APP, telephone support, set-up support, uncomplicated returns, etc.) as well as the cost of the SIM card.

Save yourself the hassle of signing up and registering a SIM card and enjoy the highest possible connection quality. JAMES takes care of everything.

The function of the JAMES SIM card in combination with the JAMES products is in the entire European Union, as well as in the Switzerland guaranteed.

JAMES works with renowned telecom providers such as A1 Telekom Austria, Magenta Austria, German Telekom and with Tele 2 Sweden together.

Administration for family & relatives


The central management tool for emergency clock and tablet! Set your personal alarm chain and configure your JAMES. For iOS and Android available.

JAMES web portal

As an alternative to the app, you can use the JAMES web portal which gives you access to the many functions of the emergency clock. With the web portal, you can manage several watches simultaneously and benefit from a wealth of additional functions. In addition, the portal serves as a practical management tool for professional helpers.

Peter bets on JAMES

Peter is 76 years old and lives alone. A passionate nature lover, he enjoys extensive walks, which he would not want to miss under any circumstances. However, he has recently been suffering from low blood pressure and dizziness. Recently, he fell and could not get up on his own. His worried son luckily found him several hours later after a lengthy search.

Since he has been the new JAMES Emergency Call Supply all worries are forgotten. Thanks to JAMES Peter enjoys new freedom and security around the clock. In case of an emergency situation, he can use the emergency button to send an SOS signal to his son. If he cannot be reached, the emergency call is automatically forwarded to the next of kin - in his case, to his daughter-in-law. During the alarm, the watch establishes a voice connection and determines the exact position. 

Peter is overjoyed that he can continue to spend time in nature and his family is reassured.

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