Configure your JAMES emergency call watch 

The emergency call clock that saves lives.

Experience freedom and security in everyday life with JAMES emergency call watches. Our innovative technology offers round-the-clock protection for single, elderly people and gives you and your loved ones more quality of life and relief. Rely on JAMES for your safety.

Many older people live alone and are not only left to their own devices at home, but also when travelling. However, this circumstance can be fatal. In the event of an emergency, the mobile phone is often out of reach or can no longer be operated. However, senior citizens also want to maintain their independence in old age and not burden family members.

The smart watch

With the JAMES Emergency Call Supply On the wrist, help is just a push of a button away. In an emergency, a voice connection is established between the watch wearer and the call centre. 

Always & everywhere

This distinguishes JAMES from conventional alarm bracelets (radio transmitters), which do not work outside your own four walls. In addition, the smart emergency call watch determines JAMES also the position of the carrier so that it can be located quickly.

The JAMES emergency watch gives seniors, their relatives and caregivers a new sense of security.


JAMES enables a mobile home emergency call at the touch of a button. In an emergency, a call is made between you and your loved ones: And not just within your own four walls, but also when you're out and about.


JAMES promotes your movement. The digital guardian angel watches over your health values. Your vital parameters are recorded digitally and can even be professionally monitored if required. In addition, the integrated pedometer determines your daily progress.steps.


Social isolation makes you ill.
JAMES is not only a security agent and guardian angel, but also a companion. Thanks to easy-to-use video telephony, senior citizens are always in contact with family, carers and doctors.

Emergency clocks - the digital guardian angel

Your digital guardian angel is as unique as you are. Choose between three modern models and get new freedom and security. 

TheSimple operationfor maximum protection

JAMES emergency call watch A6

For minimalists! The slim A6 model emergency call bracelet with SOS and telephone button enables the simplest operation. The telephone button connects you to a contact of your choice or, if required, to our emergency call centre.

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JAMES tariff including roaming SIM card
You need the JAMES tariff with
Europe-wide SIM card
€ 9.90 monthly / € 99 annually

The bestseller!
Classic emergency call supplyfor senior citizens living alone

JAMES Emergency Call Supply B6

The sporty and slim emergency watch brings new Style safety into your everyday life! Available in black and white.

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JAMES tariff including roaming SIM card
You need the JAMES tariff with
Europe-wide SIM card
€ 9.90 monthly / € 99 annually

TheSmart emergency call watchfor professionals

JAMES emergency call watch S6

The smart emergency call device for professionals. With the matching Supplementary tariff enables the Emergency call S6 valuable functions such as Runaway protection (incl. individually adjustable Movement zone) for people with mild dementia.

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JAMES tariff including roaming SIM card
You need the JAMES tariff with
Europe-wide SIM card
€ 9.90 monthly / € 99 annually

JAMES, the mobile home emergency call

The award-winning emergency call system JAMES creates easy access to the digital world and supports senior citizens so that they can live at home longer, but above all more safely.

Stylishness around the clock

Many elderly people live alone and are therefore not only on their own in everyday life, but also in dangerous situations. Relatives want a life characterised by SAFETY, HEALTH and COMMUNITY for their loved ones.

"What if my mother falls and can't get up?", "What about my grandfather's blood pressure?".

The JAMES home emergency call is the solution

Our mobile home emergency call system consists of several perfectly harmonised components. Easy-to-operate emergency call watches and a senior-friendly tablet form the centrepiece of the JAMES product range.

As a smart overall solution, the emergency call system creates security for senior citizens, relieves relatives and closes gaps in care.

JAMES can be individually adapted to the needs and circumstances of its users. 

Health and safety agent

Sent alarms, positions, health values, etc. can be viewed by family members at any time in the JAMES APP or the web portal. Accordingly, JAMES offers you maximum all-round protection in 007 style.

Whether family-friendly, designed for dementia or 24/7 - JAMES reliably accompanies you and your loved ones through life.

Simply enjoy everyday life.
JAMES takes care of the rest.

Thanks to the JAMES emergency bracelet, I always know about my mother's well-being. The APP shows me her daily steps. If I don't notice any movement by noon, I can always ask if she is okay.
Mrs Goritschnig
Concerned daughter
Since I have the JAMES B6 with me on my walks, I feel much safer. If I fall, I no longer have to worry about having to wait a long time for help. I just press the emergency button and my son is called. Besides, the watch looks very fashionable.
Mr Assinger
Sprightly senior
I live alone and suffer from dizziness. A short time ago, I fainted in the kitchen and hit my head. But the fall sensor of the great JAMES watch reacted immediately and after a short time automatically called my emergency call centre. Since JAMES, I feel safer than ever in my own home.
Mrs Stelzl
Senior living alone
My father has dementia and lives in a nursing home. For his safety, he wears the JAMES Emergency Watch S6 with runaway protection. In addition, his care organisation uses the JAMES tablet for video telephony. Thanks to the tablet, I can see him by video call without worrying, even during the pandemic.
Mrs Huber
Daughter of a dementia patient

Life stories

Discover our mobile home emergency call in action!

The Kern family enjoys JAMES new freedom and security around the clock. The likeable family members share their experiences in personal stories and adventures.

Senior citizen (Elfriede) relaxing on a wooden bench in the countryside.

Technology meets science

Highest quality from ilogs healthcare, the Austrian market leader in mobile care software. JAMES was developed in careful collaboration with renowned universities and healthcare experts.

The result
A life-saving product with the simplest operation and innovative technology. These qualities are also appreciated by our thousands of satisfied customers in Europe and North America.

Top-class service and quality
The JAMES Team is there for you and will be happy to answer all your questions about the JAMES products to.

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