Configure your JAMES emergency call watch 

Manual Emergency Supply B6

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Welcome to the world of JAMES, your digital guardian angel!

Congratulations on your JAMES Emergency Call Supply and look forward to welcoming you as a new member of the JAMES family to welcome you! You can order your watch via the APP and the Web portal Configure further.

We wish you much pleasure with your JAMES Emergency Call Supply,

Your Dr Walter Liebhart and
the JAMES Team.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our support:

Call centre employee talking to a customer.


Once you have opened the packaging, make sure that the following components are present:

  • Clock
  • Charging cable
  • Plug
  • User manual

If a component is missing from the packaging, you can request it by e-mail at request at any time.


Connect the charging cable to the power adapter and plug the power adapter into a power socket. Then connect the magnetic charging contacts on the charging cable to the charging contacts on the back of the watch.

Charge the clock for at least one hour.


In order to JAMES Emergency Call Supply to be able to use this, it must have an active Emergency tariff have. If your watch is not yet activated, you must purchase the emergency call tariff. To do this, follow the link or give us a call.

During charging, the watch shows the IMEI number on the screen. To see the number, briefly press the control button. You will also find the IMEI on the watch packaging.

Web portal

In the course of activation, a user was created for you for the Web portal and the App created. The access data was sent to you by e-mail. Settings can be made and communication with the clock can take place in the web portal / app.

JAMES web portal


To download the JAMES APP scan the QR codes or open your app store and search for "JAMES APP" to download it.

Google Play Store Badge

Apple Store Badge

Set helper

  1. Open the JAMES APP or the JAMES Webportal in your
    Internet browser and log in with your user data. Click on "Alarm chain".
  2. In the "Alert chain" area, you can add new contacts, edit existing ones or change their order.

If you need further assistance, please call us.

Great-grandmother (Maria) gets the JAMES tablet explained to her by great-granddaughter (Sophie).

24/7 emergency call centre

Should you additionally require our 24/7 emergency call centre please contact us by telephone. In the event of an emergency, the emergency call centre still needs some health data and information about the person wearing the watch (e.g., the name of the person wearing the watch): Are there any chronic diseases? Are any medicines being taken? Where is the spare key?).

If you need further assistance, please call us.

Call centre employee provides support.

Switch on

Press the control button of the clock until the screen switches on. After a short start-up process, the time appears.

Starting process of the B6 clock.

Wake up

If the clock is not used for ten seconds, the screen goes into sleep mode. You can wake up the clock again by briefly pressing the control button and use all functions.

GPS calibration

For accurate positioning, the GPS of the watch must be calibrated beforehand when it is first used.

To do this, go outdoors with the clock and ask for the clock in the map view of the JAMES APP or in the Web portal the position of the clock. Repeat the position query every five minutes until the position of the clock shown on the map matches your real position.

Home location

If the location, within your home is inaccurate, this can be remedied with your WIFI hotspot or our JAMES Indoor Beacons be improved. For more information, please contact our support at:


After switching on, a short press on the control button allows you to scroll through the functions of your JAMES Emergency Call Supply navigate.

Time / Date



Voice messages

Switch off

Send alarm

Trigger alarm

Press the control button for several seconds until you hear an acoustic signal and the JAMES Alarm signal on the screen. By briefly pressing the control button, you can cancel the alarm in the first few seconds.

JAMES emergency call watch with SOS screen in the front view
SOS on the JAMES watch

Position determination

Your position is automatically determined during the first few minutes of the alarm and sent by JAMES APP-, Web portal- and SMS notification sent to your helpers/contacts. In addition, in the JAMES APP / in the Web portal further positions can be requested at any time.

Alarm received

When an alarm is triggered, your contacts are notified via phone call, SMS or e-mail. The type of contact can be set in the JAMES APP / Web portal set
can be made. The alarm call includes a tape announcement and is answered with the Key 2 adopted.

A telephone connection to the clock is then automatically established. If the call remains unanswered, the alarm is forwarded to your next contact person. The alarm SMS contains the telephone number of the clock and a link to the position.


The clock can be called at any time via the . You will find the telephone number of the clock:

  • at Web portal
  • in the JAMES APP
  • in the Alarm SMS
Incoming call


Here you can see your current daily steps. The steps can be viewed in the APP / Web portal can be queried at any time. Every night the counter is reset to 0.


Pulse and blood pressure

Briefly press the control button to go to the pulse and blood value measurement (heart symbol). The measurement starts automatically. During the measurement process, place your arm calmly on a surface and keep it still. The tighter you wear your watch on your wrist, the more accurate the measurement will be. Your result will appear after about 20 to 30 seconds. This is sent to the JAMES APP / the Web portal sent.

Top: Heart rate / pulse. Left: Systolic blood pressure. Right: Diastolic blood pressure

ATTENTION: The blood pressure values are only guidelines and may differ from the real blood pressure, depending on the individual person. These are Not a medically tested device.

Voice message

Press the control button twice briefly to go to the audio message (speech bubble icon).

Start recording

When the voice bubble symbol is displayed on the screen, press and hold the control button until the microphone symbol appears. Now speak your message on the tape.

Message icon
Recording starts in three seconds.

Stop recording

Clicking on the control button ends the audio recording
and to the JAMES APP / the Web portal sent.

Voice message has been sent.

Text message

With the JAMES APP / the Web portal your contacts can send text messages to the watch. When a text message is received, the watch vibrates briefly and displays the message. The message then appears on the display.

You can reply to text messages with an audio message at any time - as described previously.

Text message in the JAMES APP.
Text message on the JAMES clock.

Switch off

Press the control button three times briefly to reach the switch-off symbol. Keep the button pressed until the clock switches off.

Switch-off symbol

Activating the clock with a voucher

Select watch First select your emergency call watch incl. your desired purchase / rental variant in the emergency call watch configurator. You will then be taken to the selection of your emergency call tariff. If you choose your watch at a later [...]
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Is previous technical knowledge required? No, the use of the JAMES emergency call clocks does not require any previous technical knowledge. Due to the age-friendly software, the clock can be put into operation immediately after its activation. [...]
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How long a refund ? Your purchase amount will be refunded within 14 days of receipt of your return - always according to the original payment method, you will receive a confirmation from us by [...]
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Your product is defective or damaged? We are sorry. Please contact us so that we can quickly check your complaint and take further steps.
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For full details of our cancellation and returns policy, please see our cancellation policy. 
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How does a return work?

After receiving the items, you can return undamaged items free of charge within 14 days. After the expiry of the 14-day period, a return is unfortunately no longer possible. The purchase amount [...]
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What shipping options are available?

Shipping & Delivery We currently deliver to Austria and Germany. JAMES parcels are delivered with Österreichische Post AG and Mail Boxes Etc. Please give us some time to prepare your order for the [...]
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