Configure your JAMES emergency call watch 

Helpers in the call list

What exactly is meant by "alarm chain"?

The alarm chain is your personal helpers / contacts in your call list. As soon as the watch wearer triggers an alarm, those on file are called in turn. If the alarm is accepted, the watch establishes a telephone call between the helper and the person concerned. 

How do I process the alert chain?

You can change the alarm chain as well as other settings via the JAMES APP or the Web portal edit 

  • APP: Download the JAMES APP in your Google Play Store / Apple App Store and log in with your access data. You should have received your access data either by e-mail and / or in written form. After you have successfully logged in, go to "Alarm chain" in the settings. There you can add new contacts, edit existing ones or change their order.
  • Web portal: Visit the website and log in with your user data. After you have successfully logged in, go to "Alarm chain" on the start page and click on "Edit contacts". There you can add new contacts, edit existing ones or change their order.

How many helpers can I assign to the alert chain?

You can give your JAMES alarm chain Assign as many helper contacts as you like.

Can I edit my alarm chain without the JAMES APP / web portal?

Yes, but you need to contact us by phone. Please have the contact details (name, telephone number and address) of your desired helpers ready. Our friendly JAMES Support helps you with all your change requests. 

T +43 (0) 463 504 197 4

Activating the clock with a voucher

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How long a refund ? Your purchase amount will be refunded within 14 days of receipt of your return - always according to the original payment method, you will receive a confirmation from us by [...]
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Your product is defective or damaged? We are sorry. Please contact us so that we can quickly check your complaint and take further steps.
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For full details of our cancellation and returns policy, please see our cancellation policy. 
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How does a return work?

After receiving the items, you can return undamaged items free of charge within 14 days. After the expiry of the 14-day period, a return is unfortunately no longer possible. The purchase amount [...]
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What shipping options are available?

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