Configure your JAMES emergency call watch 

Is previous technical knowledge required?

No, no prior technical knowledge is required to use the JAMES emergency call watches. Thanks to the age-friendly software, the watch can be put into operation immediately after activation. The functions are clearly laid out and easy to understand.

Before seniors with JAMES However, in order to be able to start the watch, it is recommended to have it set up by relatives / authorised persons or ILOGS beforehand. The setup includes, for example, the activation of the ROAMING SIM card, the WLAN access (if available), personalisations (display, enabling or disabling various functions, etc.) and the addition of contacts to the alarm chain.

What age group are the JAMES emergency watches aimed at?

The JAMES emergency watches are oriented towards senior citizens and people of all ages in need of care. In addition, the clock can be adapted to the individual needs and life situations (nursing home, dementia mode, etc.) of the clock wearer.

Does the JAMES emergency call device require a WLAN connection?

No, the JAMES emergency watches do not require a WLAN connection. The clock works primarily via the integrated SIM card. If the user does not have mobile phone reception at home, the S6 can be connected via a WLAN connection.

Does due JAMES emergency call watch work with its own SIM card?

In order to be able to guarantee the flawless functionality of the clock, it is advisable to use the appropriate JAMES-SIM card.

Is it possible to have several users at the same time with the JAMES emergency call clocks?

No, the clock can only have one user at a time. However, any number of helpers are possible in the alarm chain.

Are the JAMES emergency watches waterproof?

The watches are splash-proof and can withstand the occasional shower. However, complete immersion in water should be avoided.

Do the watches have a drop sensor?

JAMES emergency bracelet: No

JAMES Emergency B6: No

JAMES emergency call watch S6: Yes. The S6 has an inactivity sensor. If the watch is not moved for a certain time, the watch automatically triggers an alarm. During the day this is usually 15 minutes and during the night 1.5 hours.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts approximately three to four days. However, we recommend charging the watch daily (approx. 30 minutes).

Pro Tip: Plug the watch into the charging station overnight or charge it briefly during breakfast.

What if my JAMES watch does not charge properly?

The JAMES products (in this case the JAMES Emergency watches / emergency bracelet) have sensitive charging contacts. To maintain the full functionality of the battery charging process, the charging contacts should be cleaned at regular intervals.

How do I clean my JAMES product?

The JAMES products should be regularly cleaned with a spectacle cloth or microfibre cloth to remove everyday traces of use, such as dust or fingerprints. If the screen is more heavily soiled, a damp cloth can also be used for cleaning. In addition, special screen cleaning cloths are recommended, which can be purchased in electronics stores.

Is the use of the app and web portal required?

No. You can JAMES even without App and Portal as you are additionally informed about alarms / positions by call and SMS. However, both the App as well as the Web portal more user comfort, provides an overview of the status of the watch and enables settings to be made.

How can I make changes to the clock?

You can make changes either in the JAMES web portal or in the APP make. The JAMES APP is for Android- and Apple-devices is available free of charge in the respective app store. You can access the web portal here.

What about software updates?

Software updates are carried out automatically by the server. If the JAMES Emergency Call Supply sufficiently charged, updates are installed automatically.

What if a part of my JAMES product is not working or has been lost?

Should a component of your JAMES Products be defective or missing, please contact our JAMES Support.

How is my user data secured?

At JAMES DATA PROTECTION is a top priority for us. All data is transferred using secure encryption techniques. As a user, you do not have to worry about this - the JAMES emergency watches can be used without any worries.

Behind JAMES stands the Austrian IT expert ilogs healthcarethe market leader in modern e-health software. As an Austrian company ilogs healthcare strictly to the applicable data protection regulation (DSGVO). If, after cancelling your subscription, you decide against the further use of the JAMES Emergency Call Supply all your personal data will be reliably deleted. In addition, the data protection precautions are regularly monitored and adjusted by sound data protection experts.

How do repairs work?

Should the need for repair or return exist, the JAMES customer support either by telephone or by e-mail. The team of experts then decides on the further course of action according to the problem at hand. In the case of technical defects, these are promptly rectified in the company, if possible, and the product is then returned to the owners.

T +43 (0) 463 305 003

What criteria fall under broken watches?

Broken watches include all those products which have not been damaged through your own fault. Please note that display scratches, everyday wear marks etc. will not be replaced.

Activating the clock with a voucher

Select watch First select your emergency call watch incl. your desired purchase / rental variant in the emergency call watch configurator. You will then be taken to the selection of your emergency call tariff. If you choose your watch at a later [...]
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Is previous technical knowledge required? No, the use of the JAMES emergency call clocks does not require any previous technical knowledge. Due to the age-friendly software, the clock can be put into operation immediately after its activation. [...]
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How long a refund ? Your purchase amount will be refunded within 14 days of receipt of your return - always according to the original payment method, you will receive a confirmation from us by [...]
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Your product is defective or damaged? We are sorry. Please contact us so that we can quickly check your complaint and take further steps.
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For full details of our cancellation and returns policy, please see our cancellation policy. 
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How does a return work?

After receiving the items, you can return undamaged items free of charge within 14 days. After the expiry of the 14-day period, a return is unfortunately no longer possible. The purchase amount [...]
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What shipping options are available?

Shipping & Delivery We currently deliver to Austria and Germany. JAMES parcels are delivered with Österreichische Post AG and Mail Boxes Etc. Please give us some time to prepare your order for the [...]
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