With the JAMES emergency call watch, your carers are safe "around the clock" and with the JAMES app and the JAMES web portal, family and relatives can use the full potential of the JAMES emergency call watch.

The JAMES app offers the following options:


  • Call at any time
  • Sending a text message to the watch
  • Receive audio message from the clock
  • View the current status of the watch including warnings and alarms
  • Determine position at any time
  • View measured vital signs
  • Manage reminders and appointments


  • Manage alarm receivers
  • Switching the screens displayed on the clock on and off
  • Configure recurring vital sign measurements

Your login

You will automatically receive your login to the app from our web shop after activating the JAMES emergency call watch. The user name for the JAMES app and web portal are identical.

JAMES web portal

As an alternative to the JAMES app, you can also open the JAMES web portal on your smartphone or laptop PC at:


JAMES app for relatives is available for Android and iOS. Below are the QR codes for downloading the app in the stores.

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