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People with dementia
Find quickly & safely

With the supplementary tariff "Dementia", disoriented family members receive the best possible protection with the minimum restriction of their freedom.

Smart protection in everyday life

When disoriented family members have a tendency to wander off, this is a particularly great challenge for relatives. Electronic monitoring of door exits is enormously expensive or often not possible at all. A good solution to this problem is offered by the JAMES emergency care with the dementia extension (additional tariff).

Persons with a tendency to run ( = "Person at risk of running away") will receive the inconspicuous JAMES dementia watch, which will be worn permanently on the wrist. The watch has a SIM card and excellent tracking functions (GPS, WLAN). Optionally, you can also use the JAMES Locator order to set up the movement zone at the place of residence. 

  • Works with all JAMES emergency watches
  • Effective protection for dementia
  • Runaway alarm (outward run)
  • Finding dementia relatives quickly
  • Relief for the family
  • Carefree everyday life
  • App & web portal for relatives
  • Indoor positioning with JAMES Locator (optional)
  • 24/7 emergency call centre (optional)
  • Lockable wristband (optional)

Active localisation

The watch wearer is not at the designated place at a certain time (z. E.g. in the living room). The carer can now actively query the position of the person wearing the watch using a PC/tablet/smartphone. The person concerned can then be brought back. 

JAMES Locator for locating within the living space
and to set up movement zone.

Leaving the movement zone

For affected persons who should generally no longer leave their place of residence, a movement zone can very easily be created in the JAMES system. The zone has a minimum diameter of 100 metres.

If the person wearing the watch leaves this zone, the alarm will sound after a few minutes. One (or more, if necessary) predefined telephone number (z. E.g. family members) is called and informed that the resident has left. As described before, the missing person can now be easily located and the retrieval initiated.

Movement zone at the place of residence
Watch wearer leaves the movement zone
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