Configure your JAMES emergency call watch 

JAMES emergency watches in comparison

All JAMES emergency call watch models fulfil the criteria of an emergency call watch. However, there are differences in appearance and function. Find the right watch for you!

Emergency clock modelA6B6S6R8
Dimension55 x 31 x 14.8 mm55 x 31 x 14.8 mm47.3 x 41 x 16 mm43 x 43 x 12.8 mm
Weight 42 g42 g57 g45 g
Standard bracelet SiliconeSiliconeSiliconeSilicone
Battery life3-4 days3-4 days2-3 days3-4 days
Water resistance(IP)Splash-proofSplash-proofSplash-proofSplash-proof
EU Roaming SIM
To use all available networks, we use a roaming SIM from TELE2 Sweden with the dialling code +46 / 0046
Indoor position
You need the JAMES Locator for positioning inside buildings
Position (LBS/WiFi/GPS)
Alarm chain
Call at any time
Pulse measurement
Blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature
Call centre (optional)
Movement zone / dementia (optional)
Fall detection
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